Neil Hamilton MP Debarred from Further Proceedings

Court document 2nd December 1986 showing terms granted by Justice Simon Brown, Judge in Chambers in the High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division

Neil Hamilton MP v Philip M Pedley.

In the High Court Neil Hamilton sought to discontinue his action against Philip Pedley former National YC Chairman and a serving member of the Party’s National Union Executive Committee. Pedley refused to allow filing of discontinuance and forced a hearing in Open Court.

Pedley wanted recognition he had not libelled Hamilton, that he stood by remarks, his costs to be paid, for Hamilton to be debarred from alleging libel in the future.

Key points:

  • Hamilton’s action discontinued
  • Hamilton to pay Pedley’s outstanding costs
  • Hamilton debarred from taking any future proceedings against Pedley in respect of words said in BBC Panorama Programme ‘Maggie’s Militant Tendency’ Jan 30 1984


Hamilton lost on costs and debarrment

Hamilton lost on costs and debasement


In other words the Judge gave Pedley the opportunity to apply his full costs against Neil Hamilton should the BBC request Pedley to pay the costs they’d covered.

Hamilton liable for all costs if BBC reclaim indemnity

Hamilton liable for all costs if BBC reclaim indemnity


Pedley offered the BBC the opportunity to invoice him for the costs to save taxpayers money’s but they declined.