The Sin – YC Rag Mag

The sin (a play on the Sun) was a rag mag produced by the North West Area Young Conservatives in the 1980’s. The North West had taken over the role of the Greater London Area YC’s (GLYC) as the radical engine of the movement when GLYC succumbed to the left/right battle. This growing strength of the Thatcherite right was held at bay by superior organisation across the areas the moderates (the wets) controlled.

One weapon in the battle were ‘fun’ newsletters and rag mags aimed at ridiculing the right-wing candidates in the elections held for the National YC elections.

The Sin the most effective example and was distributed at the annual conferences held each February at various seaside locations in England.


This was produced in support of the moderate slate headed by Richard Fuller and including Nick Robinson. The Sin was not above mocking their own side. Hence ‘Richard Spart’ for Richard Fuller and the nickname  ‘Red Robbo’ for Nick Robinson in reference to Derek Robinson the shop steward and Nick’s left-wing (in the eyes of his opponent) stance.

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From 'The Sin' , the North West Young Conservative anti right-wing rag mag

From ‘The Sin’ , the North West Young Conservative anti right-wing rag mag